Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Writing Hit Country Song Lyrics -- Now in Print!

I got a present from the USPS today. No, it wasn't a Victoria's Secret catalog. It was a box of books. More specifically, the paperback version of my songwriting booklet.

Writing Hit Country Song Lyrics frequently hits the songwriting besteller lists on Amazon, but I realized a lot of people still don't have an ereader, OR they want a paper version to keep as a handy reference. Others just want to stroke the cover and chant my name.

Whatever your reason, rejoice! The book is available in this wonderful little form-factor known as a paperback!

Yes, I have a maniacal look on my face. That's because I'm building an publishing EMPIRE!!!!!!!

The ebook is available from all the usual suspects. Click here for a clickable list of places to buy it.

The paper book (shown above) is available from Amazon. Get it before the world runs out of paper.

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