Sunday, August 14, 2011

Backwards is Progress

Two days ago I deleted the last 1/3 of the book because all the revisions and rewriting I've done have changed how the story ends.

Here's the upshot. Even with that 1/3 nuked, the word count is exactly where it was at the completion of the first draft 65,000. This means that I've added enough material to make up for what I deleted. This also leads me to guess that as I rewrite the final third, I should end up close to 100,000 words for the 2nd draft. I'm actually hoping it's closer to 90,000 but that will depend on what the story needs.

If I'm to meet my goal to get this thing done by Dec. 24, 2011 that means I need to write 35,000 words in 47 days to get this draft complete by Sept. 30th. That means 744 words/day average plus some chapter revisions. Seems very doable since I was able to average 1666w/d last November when I had no idea where I was headed.

I should be writing right now instead of writing the blog post.

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