Monday, July 23, 2012

Axeology: Variax 500

Variax 500

This is me holding my Variax 500 with sunburst finish. For recording, this is my main axe. I love this guitar. Why? Because it has the best playing neck I have ever encountered.

When I went to the music store to try it out, it was the only one they had. The strings were all grungy and groady from countless hamfisted, snot nosed, losers who go to music stores and play Metallica too loud. (Not that there's anything wrong with Metallica). I messed around with it for a few minutes, but I knew instantly (even with the disgusting strings on it) that it was "the one."

The Line Six Variax is a "modeling" guitar. You'll notice it doesn't have any visible pickups. That's because it has a piezo pickups somewhere in it that immediately send the signal through "modeling" circuitry to emulate other kinds of guitars, like Telecaster, Strats, Les Pauls, Rickebackers, and banjos. The models are pretty good, but not the main reason I chose this guitar. Actually, this guitar chose me. I'm choking up just thinking about it. I will never relinquish this axe!


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