Monday, September 19, 2011

Draft #2 = 100%

Although, it's not quite done. How can this be? Well, it is 100% in terms of word count, but I still have 11 to do items on my list which involve going into some chapters to add, remove, tweak, etc. a few things. If I do it right, the word count will actually come down a bit. Currently sitting at just of 98k! I can't believe it.

This process has given me great respect for writers who crank out 150k or 300k novels. My conclusion? They're nuts.

 But this the book is turning out soooo good. I'm very excited by the changes and additions I've made so far. I've added depth to the characters and their relationships, and I've made the story much more fun. And despite adding nearly 35k words, the pacing is better and the stakes are higher. Much higher.