Friday, February 17, 2012

Ass. Torch Indeed

This was originally posted in May of 2009 on a different blog of mine. At the time JJ, Ella and I were enjoying an extended holiday in Paris. Note: euros were at least $1.50 each at the time.

Today we had lunch at the famous Café de Flore on Boulevard St. Germain. Of course, we didn't know it was famous at the time. I just didn't want to eat at a place called Les Deux Magots (which is a lie. I'd read about that one). The problem was a certain five year old who was starving and telling JJ, "I'll pay you money if we just stop and eat."

I'll spare you the family unrest, but note what we had for lunch!
Coca light = 6.20 euros (it was in a glass bottle, though)
Ass. Torch = 11.00 euros
Sand. Mixt = 10.00 euros
Club Sandwich = cough, cough, 19.00 euros

JJ had the Sand. Mixt, which looked more appetizing than it sounds. I ordered the Club Sandwich for the simple reason that I knew what it was. Turns out I didn't. It was kind of dry and had hard-boiled egg on it, which to my mind isn't very club sandwichy.

When our waiter, Stephane, presented the damages, I was a bit stunned. But I have to hand it to the Cafe de Flore -- at least they put it right on the bill that you got your Ass. Torch.

You should have seen JJ's reaction. Oh, wait! You can . . .

"46 euros!"
"Ooooh, Ass. Torch!!"

"Tee Hee, Tee Hee!"
Ah well ... today was a slow day, kind of a recovery day. Especially after the torching. Besides, we didn't sleep well last night and didn't do much but walk down to the Monoprix to buy groceries (yet again). Had great Italian food tonight near our apartment so that Ella could survive for another day.
Entertainment was the animated movie "The Tale of Desperaux," which was beautiful, dull at times, but fun for the family.

It was almost routine this evening. I might have convinced myself, for a moment, that I was still back at home, but then ... Paris happened. I looked out our window, and there was Notre Dame, majestic in the gloaming.


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